1. Introduction

Welcome to the Course Catalog API user guide. This guide will help you get set up to use the edX Course Catalog API and give you the information you need to return the results you want.

1.1. Accessing the edX Course Catalog API

The edX Course Catalog API is a representational state transfer (REST) web services API that uses JavaScript object notation (JSON) as the primary format for return data, or representation. To access the edX REST API (and the Course Catalog API), you must authenticate as a client. When you authenticate, the edX API verifies your identity as a client and associates your identity with a specific edx.org user. For more information about authentication, see Authenticating as an edX REST Web Service User.

To authenticate, you need the following items.

After you have received your credentials and access token, to use the edx Course Catalog API, you use your access token to make API requests at api.edx.org. For more information, see Using an Access Token to Make REST Requests and Using the EdX Course Catalog API.